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Consultancy Services

companyInteractive supports it's Customers with their OSS decisions and provides consultancy services for various OSS replacements, upgrades, consolidation and transformation projects. Interactive's SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) assist Customers with defining system requirements, and with leveraging existing systems' capabilities.

We dedicate considerable efforts in reducing operational expenses, and improving network service availability and the Customer's experience. Interactive offers the benefits following:

  • Guidance towards selecting the right OSS platform
  • Upgrade systems without disruption
  • Providing clear project plan for OSS implementation
  • Leverage your existing OSS investments

IET has a proven step-by-step approach while guiding a customer through its project. This process includes:

  • Evaluation : Understanding the current working environment while determining and obtaining the customer's requirements
  • Recommendation : Analyzing data and requirements provided in Step 1. Data is then reviewed by our telecom OSS specialists to produce a status and requirements report.
  • Project Planning : In coordination with the customer, IET creates a project plan outlining the deliverables needed, scheduled time frames, roles and responsibilities of all of the project participants including their start and end dates.
  • Delivery : Once the project plan is approved, including an integrator and vendor, IET will assign appropriate engineering talent to escort the implementation of the project and assure a successful delivery.

Consultancy projects are priced based on the consulting team and the scope of project.

System Integration

Assurance and fulfillment solutions are made of COTS, development, integration and other services that together create an Assurance solution. For integrating development and services into a solution, Interactive offers the following:

Professional Services:

Interactive has a large Professional Services portfolio that covers consultants, training, operational support, development and system integration and implementation. The combination of Interactive solutions and services is used to create full solutions, provided by in-house highly equipped & trained System Integration Teams, one of Interactive's partners and by our professionals, taking end-to-end responsibility.