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Digital Imaging & Archiving Solutions

companyInteractive & AKSA's document management platforms deliver high volume information capture, retrieval and distribution functionality organization wide. Our solutions reduce misfiling, document retrieval time and costly photocopying and paper distribution – all processes that impede information access. Interactive & AKSA's document management solutions provide a flexible platform that adapts to meet diverse multi-departmental needs and allows users to maintain established, preferred procedures.


  • Increased the Efficiency – by moving the paper documents through workflow faster. Improved Customer Service – by retrieving documents immediately hence reducing the waiting period.
  • Ensuring Security – by eliminating the potential loss of physical documents and implementing access rights. Save Money – by decreasing the need for storage space and reducing the time to organize & retrieve physical files.
  • Enables you to manage millions of records and retrieve the ones you need in seconds.
  • Provides Customized solution for Form processing.
  • Most efficient and reliable OCR/ICR/OMR engines
  • Faster and easier Error correction scheme and GUI for less confidently recognized characters. Form designing facility
  • Enables to share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information. Allows you to e-mail or fax documents with a click of the mouse.
  • Provides an easy way to share documents with other office branches or take them on the road. Conforms to the way you work, rather than forcing you to change.