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IBS Division

companyIBS Division is a specialist unit within Interactive having professional engineers and trained technicians with all required tools and equipment providing design, evaluation, implementation, and support services to its customers in UAE and Pakistan. In-Building Solutions

It is a process, where in we radiate adequate Mobile signals of one particular Network operator in that entire building. In-Building Solutions

In places like basement floors, higher floors of some high rise Buildings, Airports, Corporate offices, Hotels & Shopping malls we tend to get signals from different cell sites around the building, so subscriber mobile ping-pong from one cell site to another resulting in high CALL-DROPS & High BER (Rx Quality)

In some case when the subscriber base increases, the Network operator has difficulty in planning new BTS, so instead of deploying a Macro Site the operator uses a Micro BTS where in the signal from Micro BTS is distributed throughout the building using Co-axial cables and distributed antenna system and as a result we will have uniform signal been radiated all throughout the building providing an error free Network connection to all their valuable subscribers present in that building.

In the basement floors there will be absolutely no mobile signals present, so this problem also can be solved using a distributed antenna system in basement floors.


  • High Call Drops - Above 4th or 5th floors (Due to Multi cell Hand over)
  • High Bit Error Rate - Due to Multi-path propagation, Water refraction, Interference from other cell sites of same operator or other operators.
  • No network Coverage - Basements, Ground Floors etc. ( Penetration loss)
  • Subscriber base increases (if deployment of new BTS sites are not possible)


Distributed Antenna System:

  • Using passive components like (Splitters 2way, 3way, 4way, Couplers 6dB, 7dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB etc.)
  • Using Active amplifiers (Line amplifiers etc.)
  • Using CAT-5 Cable, Main Hub, Expansion Hub and Remote antenna unit (RAU's)
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