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R&D & Hardware Indigenous Development

companyIET has extensive experience in the design of Digital and Analog hardware circuitry. IET's Engineering services are capable of supporting all phases of the Hardware design and development cycle that includes: Consultation and definition, Design and Development, Printed Circuit Board Design, Prototyping, Testing and Production. Whether your need is for customized hardware development or Product realization, we will stay with you from the concept to reality.

Hardware Services

Our hardware services can broadly be divided into two categories namely the Design Services and Re-Engineering & Repair services.

Design Services

We are capable of undertaking complete hardware design from specifications/requirements document to a functional unit .The process of design starts from a client providing his specifications for required hardware. In most cases the hardware will be completely customized with client's own specific requirements. Depending on the requirement, the designed piece of hardware can be in one of the following forms or their combination.

Design with discrete components/ICs

Discrete components/ICs are readily available and are cheap, so designing with them is quick and economical. We have experience in Digital/Analog design, simulation, testing and prototyping using discrete Components/ICs. We have an efficient and speedy system of component procurement and bench level testing. The hardware may fall in the category of data acquisition system, motor control, remote telemetry, Industrial Electronics etc

Design and Implementation using FPGAs

If discrete solution is not what you want then we also provide more compact FPGA based Digital hardware design. All the Digital logic may be incorporated into a Programmable Chip called an FPGA thus reducing the board area. We can handle all the phases of FPGA design cycle from RTL simulation to board level implementation. We currently have expertise in Xilinx FPGAs.

Embedded Systems

In order to develop a complete system, an embedded system of some sort has always to be realized. We have equally worthy experience in embedded system design using different commercially available µ-controllers. These include PIC family of µ-controllers from Microchip and 8051 based µ-controllers. We have experience in efficient firmware coding and interfacing various hardware modules to our Embedded Controller

Power Electronics

We also have experience in design of Power Electronic Systems like Linear and Switching Mode Power Supplies including Off-Line converter, DC-DC converters, Inverter etc. Given the user specification of voltages, currents and other specifications, we are able to design reliable power supply units for Commercial/Industrial use.

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