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Optical FiberConstruction Division

companyEstablished in 1998 and surveyed, designed, installed & laid more than 2,500 Km optical fiber networks of 6 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores and 36 cores & system in rocky areas and mountains of Northern Areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan with termination, splicing & jointing etc. OF Division has completed and installed more than 2,700 Km outside plant including inside plant of optical fiber networks in US Army Bases, NATO/ISAF Garrisons & Camps. IET's OFC Division has been engaged for the survey, designing, planning, construction, fiber blowing, jointing, termination etc for Optical Fiber Ring Project of MOC, Afghanistan. OFC Division completed survey and planning of more than 1,870 Km from Kabul to Herat via Kandhar and from Herat to Mazar Sharif.

Geo Tech Surveys & Analysis,

Complete Survey and System Design Facilities including Geo Tech Surveys & Analysis, if required.IET offers complete outside plant planning, designing, evaluation and installation services.Construction, Cable laying, Splicing & Jointing Termination, Fault identification, Location process and Testing Facilities in accordance with established procedures. Installation, operation and maintenance services Construction of all related civil works