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Interactive Divisions

Telecom & Wireless Division

sample The Telecom & Wireless Division of Interactive Euro Technologies has a proven track record of providing radio network design and performance management services. IET provides these services for various technologies such as WCDMA (3G), CDMA2000 (1XRTT, 3XRTT), GSM, GPRS, EDGE, TDMA, and GSM-R. IET also has extensive experience working with various vendor equipment types

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    For turnkey Telecom projects with specific customized needs, IET has a group of expert professionals who specialize in the execution of such contracts and have the ability to respond to the most demanding challenges

    The greatest asset of IET is our experienced personnel. With experiences across multiple technologies and across regions, IET is positioned to provide the right people in the right place at the right time. Additionally, IET is committed to the technical and the professional development of our engineers making IET a smart decision for engineers as well as our customers.

IBS Division

sample IBS Division is a specialist unit within Interactive having professional engineers and trained technicians with all required tools and equipment providing design, evaluation, implementation, and support services to its customers in UAE and Pakistan. In-Building Solutions.

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    In places like basement floors, higher floors of some high rise Buildings, Airports, Corporate offices, Hotels & Shopping malls we tend to get signals from different cell sites around the building, so subscriber mobile ping-pong from one cell site to another resulting in high CALL-DROPS & High BER (Rx Quality)

    In some case when the subscriber base increases, the Network operator has difficulty in planning new BTS, so instead of deploying a Macro Site the operator uses a Micro BTS where in the signal from Micro BTS is distributed throughout the building using Co-axial cables and distributed antenna system and as a result we will have uniform signal been radiated all throughout the building providing an error free Network connection to all their valuable subscribers present in that building.

R & D | Hardware Indigenous Development Division

sample IET has extensive experience in the design of Digital and Analog hardware circuitry. IET's Engineering services are capable of supporting all phases of the Hardware design and development cycle that includes: Consultation and definition, Design and Development, Printed Circuit Board Design, Prototyping, Testing and Production. Whether your need is for customized hardware development or Product realization, we will stay with you from the concept to reality.

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    Hardware Services

    Our hardware services can broadly be divided into two categories namely the Design Services and Re-Engineering & Repair services

    Design Services

    We are capable of undertaking complete hardware design from specifications/requirements document to a functional unit .The process of design starts from a client providing his specifications for required hardware. In most cases the hardware will be completely customized with client's own specific requirements. Depending on the requirement, the designed piece of hardware can be in one of the following forms or their combination.

V-SAT Division

sample The VSAT teams are deploying the local earth stations since 1993 in UAE, Bangladesh, Turkey and in Afghanistan since 2001. IET teams have deployed VSAT in the following network topologies:

  • Point to Point

  • Star

  • Mesh

Optical Fiber Construction Division

sample Established in 1998 and surveyed, designed, installed & laid more than 2,500 Km optical fiber networks of 6 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores and 36 cores & system in rocky areas and mountains of Northern Areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan with termination, splicing & jointing etc. OF Division has completed and installed more than 2,700 Km outside plant including inside plant of optical fiber networks in US Army Bases, NATO/ISAF Garrisons & Camps. IET's OFC Division has been engaged for the survey, designing, planning, construction, fiber blowing, jointing, termination etc for Optical Fiber Ring Project of MOC, Afghanistan. OFC Division completed survey and planning of more than 1,870 Km from Kabul to Herat via Kandhar and from Herat to Mazar Sharif.

OFC Division is providing following services for Optical Fiber Networks to its valuable customers;

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    • Complete Survey and System Design Facilities including Geo Tech Surveys & Analysis, if required.
    • IET offers complete outside plant planning, designing, evaluation and installation services
    • Construction, Cable laying, Splicing & Jointing
    • Termination, Fault identification, Location process and Testing Facilities in accordance with established procedures.
    • Installation, operation and maintenance services
    • Construction of all related civil works

Network & Equipment Division

sample We help customers securely integrate and support data, voice, and video networks, enable intelligent network infrastructures, and leverage new technologies – virtual private networking, optical, storage area networks, voice and video over IP, content delivery networks and mobile and wireless to connect, run and grow their business.

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    • Desktop Solutions & Equipment
    • Network Consulting.
    • Network Management Services.
    • Network Integration and Deployment Services LAN/WAN.
    • Routers, Switches, Firewalls and Communication Equipment
    • VoIP Equipment & Services.

CM & E Division

sample IET Construction Teams are providing integrate planning and comprehensive construction & power services in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia since 1978 with its associate companies.

IET's Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Division has been completed US Army and ANA Camp facilities for Joint Forces Coalition Army in Afghanistan on turnkey basis. IET Teams have also completed number of projects with USAID and Louis Berger for Road Rehabilitation in Afghanistan. IET Teams are fully equipped with latest Road Machinery, Survey & Design Equipment etc.

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    IET's Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Division is also actively working for Etisalat, Areeba, Roshan and Wasel Telecom to built BTS, Repeater Sites, MSC and BSC Sites throughout Afghanistan and has completed more than 450 turnkey sites. Details are available within Completed Projects Section

O & M Division

sample Interactive Euro Technologies (IET) and its Professional Hi-Tech Support Team stand behind its Hi Tech Solutions & products. It is our goal to provide reliable and robust solutions & products to meet the Hi-Tech needs of our customers. If, however, customer requires product support, operations & maintenance services, IET is committed to providing quality services and support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year through its Customer Services & Technical Support Centres and Equipped Trouble Shooting Teams.

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    We view the product sale as a beginning of a solid, long-term relationship with our valued customer. That's why we offer a choice of warranties/support to meet customer's business needs