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Interactive IPTV Solutions

companyWith increasing competition in the telecommunications industry, IPTV service represents the initial step for many operators towards becoming multi-play service providers as it offers flexible product bundling. With the wide variety of services such as IPTV, online gaming and interactive multimedia, multi-play service providers can challenge traditional cable and satellite operators by meeting customers' growing requirements for attractive services and features.

The Challenge

The shift from providing simple data services towards delivering video services with higher quality, capacity and control requirements, force service providers to initiate infrastructure and IP redesign, and deploy significant hardware upgrades. On the OSS front, service providers realize that the legacy, network-centric OSS is no longer relevant in management of the customer-centric, application-oriented environment.

The main challenges IPTV service assurance brings to the traditional conceptions of OSS are

  • Ensuring customers' high video quality expectations
  • Unique IT/Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and network components
  • integration in a unified service model
  • Ensuring demanding bandwidth requirements at the customers' premises
  • Multi-technology, multi-standards consolidation
  • Complex service delivery chain which increases Service Level
  • Objective complexity and Service Level Agreement enforcement procedures

What we Provide

Interactive offers a comprehensive, end-to-end service assurance solution that enables operators to efficiently plan, monitor and manage IPTV service deployments:

End-to-End Service View

Complete service visibility of the entire service delivery chain from the head-end to the customers' premises, across all service layers.

Consolidating Network & IT Managment

Optimizing operators' operational activities and efficiently responding to customers' complaints, while reducing OPEX and CAPEX. This is carried out by combining network and service delivery platforms under the same management umbrella.

Looking Further than IPTV

Flexible multi-technology multi-vendor Service Assurance solution helps operators quickly add Next Generation services and increase operators' service management readiness.

Reporting and Display

Improve operators' management activities with executive and operational dashboards, as well as flexible reporting tools for real time monitoring and trend analysis.