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Mobile Payment & POS Network Solutions

companyMobile operators are providing pre-paid and post-paid lines ttheir mobile customers with the possibility of reloading their accounts through GSM Scratch Cards.

However, many Mobile scratch cards services are currently operating at loss:

  • 2-5% because of Fraud,
  • 11-20% because of Wholesale Margin,
  • 1% because of Stock Financing,
  • 5-7% because of Shortage,
  • 3-5% because of Logistics.
  • Providing operational automation tools and knowledge preserving capabilities tsupport service portfolios and customer-base growth with a permanent operational staff.

Interactive has developed a comprehensive solution allowing a new way of refilling mobile accounts. The new solution will provide resellers with electronic means ttop up recharge code either via:

  • Printed Vouchers: eVoucher Module.
  • Direct Re-load:eTopUp Module


it will be available as a service in the ATM menu.


the resellers are equipped with a POS terminal which allows them trequest the recharges from the server.


as an additional service of the mobile payment platform, the customer will be able torder eVoucher or eTopUp.

Benifits for Mobile Operators

  • Extensive cost savings over paper based system,
  • Improve productivity and customer service,
  • Up-t-date information on sales,
  • Detailed analysis of sales by sites.

Benifits for Merchants

  • Zerstock requirements,
  • Improved cash flow,
  • Prevents fraud and theft,
  • Simple and speedy transaction - saves time,
  • Up-t-date information on sales by products and sites.

Front office Modules

  • ISO8583 POS Server,
  • Operator Host Interface,
  • Authorization

Back Office Modules

  • Authorizations Management,
  • Transactions Management,
  • Merchants Management,
  • Clearing & Settlement Processing.

POS Application - The Solution

  • is highly scalable,
  • supports on-line connections and printing of PIN activation codes,
  • supports all different currencies,
  • supports all Telco., domestic and foreign,
  • supports most communication protocols,
  • Logs all transactions activities like recharge transactions, errors, communications and status,
  • can easily be configured to support special operators needs like calculation of commission or value added taxes,
  • Supports multiple terminal types and functionalities.

General Description

The solution functions in two main modes:


Within this mode, the recharge codes (PIN) are printed on receipts terminals or received by SMS. The Client recharges his GSM account by inputting the PIN that appears on the receipt.


Within this mode, the operator recharges directly the target account and sends a confirmation to INTERACTIVE System®. An acknowledgement is printed on the terminal as a proof.