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IET Quality Policy Statement

companyInteractive Euro Technologies Interactive Group, the corporate co-ordination, service and support headquarters for the Interactive Group of companies is committed to continually improve the Quality, Environmental and Safety performances of the Interactive Group of companies.

It is the policy of our company that the function of Quality, Environmental and Safety Management exists in each function to the degree necessary to ensure that Interactive Group as a whole will strive to business excellence through the following objectives


To create employee awareness of the impacts of their activities and performances on the environment, safety and the quality of our processes and services through communication and active participation in Quality, Environmental and Safety Management related issues.


To deliver customer needs at the first time, just in time, in full, with correct and developing processes and to involve customers and suppliers in the environmental and safety aspects of our products and processes in order to enhance customer satisfaction.


To develop our suppliers in order to continually improve their performance related to quality, safety and environmental issues, delivery and service.


To improve continually the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes and services in order to strive to "Zero defects", "Environmental and Safety" and "Right first time" with the ultimate goal to achieve the company objectives and customer satisfaction.


To ensure necessary resources for providing Quality, Environmental and Safety requirements and to reduce the consumption of these resources.

Quality & Environmental Managment Systems

Once the project plan is approved, including an integrator and vendor, IET will assign appropriate engineering talent to escort the implementation of the project and assure a successful delivery.

The suitability, effectiveness and efficiency of the entire Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System will be periodically reviewed by management and updated as part of our continual improvement process.