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Leading Innovation
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  • IET Divisions

    The Telecom & Wireless Division of Interactive Euro Technologies has a proven track record of providing radio network design and performance management services. IET provides these services for various technologies such as WCDMA (3G), CDMA2000 (1XRTT, 3XRTT), GSM, GPRS, EDGE, TDMA, and GSM-R. IET also has extensive experience working with various vendor equipment types.
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  • WAN Network Planning

    Interactive has a large Professional Services portfolio that covers consultants, training, operational support, development and system integration and implementation. The combination of Interactive solutions and services is used to create full solutions, provided by in-house highly equipped & trained System Integration Teams, one of Interactive's partners and by our professionals, taking end-to-end responsibility.
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  • V-SAT Network Survey & Planning

    A Site Survey Report has to be conducted prior to an installation in order to clarify the current condition at the site and state what is needed to get the location ready and subsequently ensure an effective and successful installation.
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  • Network Disaster Recovery

    IT systems are vulnerable to a variety of disruptions, ranging from mild (e.g., short-term power outage, disk drive failure) to severe (e.g., terrorism, equipment destruction, fire, acts of God).IET's Disaster Recovery planning is designed to mitigate the risk of network and service unavailability by focusing effective and efficient recovery solutions.
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  • Document Control System

    Creating network documentation is probably the least glamorous (and least exciting) part of any project. At some point customer may become self-sufficient and need information about their network's configuration. And even if customer never becomes self-sufficient, it's a known fact that the documentation useful for a variety of reasons.

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  • Service Delivery Program

    The Service Delivery Program (SDP) is established to improve services to customers through better communication between teams and our dear customers. The aim of the program is to provide better information and communication tools for projects, while protecting the customer's privacy. The development phase of the program is now complete and an implementation team will continue to support this aim.
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  • Project Managment

    The Project Director, Project Manager and project team put together a detailed project implementation plan. IET standards procedures, guidelines and templates can assist with the preparation of implementation plan.
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  • Quality Managment Policy

    Interactive Group, the corporate co-ordination, service and support headquarters for the Interactive Group of companies is committed to continually improve the Quality, Environmental and Safety performances of the Interactive Group of companies.
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