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Simplifying Complexity
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  • Wireless Networks

    Interactive supports it's Customers with their OSS decisions and provides consultancy services for various OSS replacements, upgrades, consolidation and transformation projects. Interactive's SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) assist Customers with defining system requirements, and with leveraging existing systems' capabilities.
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  • IPTV IP Television

    With increasing competition in the telecommunications industry, IPTV service represents the initial step for many operators towards becoming multi-play service providers as it offers flexible product bundling. With the wide variety of services such as IPTV, online gaming and interactive multimedia, multi-play service providers can challenge traditional cable and satellite operators by meeting customers' growing requirements for attractive services and features.
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  • IET-VAS Value Added Services

    Mobile phones today have moved beyond their fundamental role of communications and have graduated to become an extension of the persona of the user. We are witnessing an era when users buy mobile phones not just to be in touch, but to express themselves, their attitude, feelings & interests.
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  • VOIP Voice Over IP

    The emergence of next generation networks is a key driving force that has led service providers to change the way voice services are delivered and monitored. The significant increase in Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers over the last few years has prompted an increase in VoIP services and currently poses new challenges to the manner in which IP telephony networks are assured.
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  • IMS IP Multimedia Subsystems

    As operators consolidate and add new access technologies including broadband wireline (such as xDSL and FTTx), wireless (such as WiMax and LTE) or cable (HFC), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) has gained attention as a core network component. In this context, IMS provides a framework for deploying services and applications irrespective of the access technology, leading tseamless service with the most efficient use of available resources. IMS facilitates the rapid deployment of new services, presenting new revenue sources for service providers.

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  • Mobile Payment / POS Network Solutions.

    Mobile operators are providing pre-paid and post-paid lines ttheir mobile customers with the possibility of reloading their accounts through GSM Scratch Cards.Interactive has developed a comprehensive solution allowing a new way of refilling mobile accounts.
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  • Best Practices

    Consolidation, innovation and competition have changed the wireless industry. Operating in a saturated and competitive market, operators are pressured to roll-out new and attractive mobile services quickly, and at the same time deliver existing services reliably in order to retain and enlarge their loyal customer base. Designed to support packet-switched data services, 3G networks introduce additional technical challenges in the areas of network planning and coverage, service quality, reliability and availability.
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  • Technical Maintenance Support

    In a technically challenging environment, service providers are accustomed tfocus on network measurements and service quality levels rather than on operational efficiency and its affect on repair times and service restoration. However, recent business transformations sparked service providers tdivert their focus; operating expenses are increasing and have become a major concern, but at the same time, operations and support centers are identified as having a growing impact on overall customer satisfaction and retention ratios.
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