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VoIP Solutions

companyThe emergence of next generation networks is a key driving force that has led service providers to change the way voice services are delivered and monitored. The significant increase in Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers over the last few years has prompted an increase in VoIP services and currently poses new challenges to the manner in which IP telephony networks are assured.

The Challenges

The adoption of VoIP by the telecommunications industry and customers alike poses a host of challenges to CSPs in carrying out their new business model:

  • The transformation from circuit-switched networks to packet-based networks requires adaptation of new equipment, technologies and protocols.
  • VoIP, a real-time delay-sensitive application, has unique requirements from the network layer, especially when accommodating both data and telephony streams over a shared infrastructure.
  • Customers' satisfaction relies on price, perception, and customer support rather than mere technology performance levels
  • Services evolve from core VoIP deployments to access VoIP service offerings. Therefore, only monitoring core network components is no longer sufficient.
  • Regulators are tightening control over quality service levels and customer-facing procedures in an effort to set the standards and allow better decision-making to be performed by customers.

From an OSS perspective, CPSs should gain insight into multiple layers in order to create a holistic view of the VoIP service:

  • Network/resource layer – relates to signaling, RTP and IP QoS KPIs, spanning the telephony, core, access and home domains.
  • Service layer – relates to service quality KQIs such as availability, accuracy, reliability, speed, etc.
  • Customer/user layer – corresponds to customer experience measurements such as Mean Opinion Score (MOS), PESQ, etc.

What we Provide

VoIP requires a new management approach and guidelines to be considered in order to ensure the successful delivery of service as well as to serve future, next-generation offerings. Interactive leverages years of operational experience in the telecommunication market along with eminent VoIP best practices to provide:

  • Holistic service quality monitoring composed of VoIP service's building blocks: network layer, signaling layer and application layer.
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support for KPI/KQI counters generation and traffic trend analysis.
  • Cross-domain service modeling for establishing root cause correlation and customer-oriented service impact analysis.
  • Cross-domain service modeling for establishing root cause correlation and customer-oriented service impact analysis.
  • Customer experience evaluation based on integration of probes and CDR analysis.