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VSAT - Site Survey & Design Process

companyA Site Survey Report has to be conducted prior to an installation in order to clarify the current condition at the site and state what is needed to get the location ready and subsequently ensure an effective and successful installation

The Site Survey Report consists of different sections. The first section describes general information about the customer site, contact persons, access to the customer site etc. This is followed by sections related to the satellite and the Outdoor Unit (ODU - the whole assembly placed outside such as antenna, receive and transmit equipment), including mount and cabling issues.

Next are sections related to the Indoor Unit (IDU - the equipment to be placed inside the computer/server room such as e.g. DVB receiver, router, modulator, switch etc. IP Flex) including power issues.

The Site Survey Report ends with some general terms and conditions which the customer must also ensure is in order upon arrival of the VSAT installation engineer

Key Points

Besides the Basic Survey techniques , IET integrates some of the key points in planning and deploying VSAT Services for its clients , namely :

  • The requirements for the installation. This point will state what needs to be ready at the site location (and why) to ensure a successful installation. This is the VSAT engineer's check-list.
  • What is the current condition at the site. This point will state the present situation, such as power measurements (is clean and stable power provided?), condition of the computer/server room (is air condition installed?) etc.
  • The civil works (customer responsibility). This point states what needs to be prepared by the customer before the actual VSAT installation can take place. This is the customer's check-list of tasks to be completed.

The sections should be supported by photographs, drawings / sketches and detailed descriptions in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Photographs should be marked with the direction in which the photograph was taken or viewed from. Especially photographs or drawings / sketches of the actual antenna location should include an aerial plan with details such as direction (an accurate indication of North), elevation and exact position (distance between the recommended location of the antenna mount and the surrounding fixed points (e.g. to the edge of the roof/garden, roads, landmarks, buildings, trees

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