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Warranty & Customer Support

Warranty , Maintenance , Customer Support

companyInteractive and its technical support team, trouble shooting teams and authorized resellers stand behind its Hi Tech Solutions, services & products. It is IET's goal to provide reliable solutions, professional services & products to meet client's Hi-Tech needs. If, however, client requires product support or service, IET is committed to providing quality service and support through IET Customer Services & Technical Support. Specific warranty and other services and support information is included with our product manual as well as within our Web Site or you can send queries to

This document contains following conditions and information:

  • • Warranty Information
  • • Service Information
  • • Where to Find Help
  • • Preventive Maintenance Terms & Warranty Period
  • • Preventive Maintenance Terms & Warranty Period
  • • Full-Coverage Support/Maintenance Agreement
  • • IET Maintenance Agreements
  • • Customer First Service Agreement
  • • Extra-Hours Warranty
  • • Extended Warranty
  • • Intellectual Property and Copyrights


When it comes to Hi-Tech & value added solutions, you have to be sure that your equipment is properly maintained at all times for optimized performance. You also have to know that the company you purchase the equipment from is committed to stand behind it at all times. With IET, the product sale is just the beginning—we know that a relationship with our valued customers is the key to our success, as well as yours.

IET knows the value of hi-tech & value added solutions. We know how critical it is to keep your equipment up and running. For more than 30 years, customers have relied on our equipment; moreover, our fast, responsive service brings more value to our products & solutions. Expert service and support are equally critical to us as the products that make up your hi-tech solutions. We view the product sale as a beginning of a solid, long-term relationship with our valued customer. That's why we offer a choice of warranties to meet your business needs.

IET's warranty is extended to the end user customer and warrants that IET's solutions & products are free from any defects in workmanship and materials and will perform substantially in accordance with the product documentation shipped with the products. The warranty period begins either on the date of purchase or the date of installation if the purchase price included installation/commissioning by IET, whichever is later and remains in force for the period specified in the warranty document.


If our product fails after the expiration of the warranty period, and you have an IET Maintenance Agreement or a Maintenance Agreement with some other party, you should request service in accordance with the instructions provided in your agreement. If you do not have a Maintenance Agreement, contact the IET Customer Services &Technical Support Department at


If you are having any difficulty during the warranty period and are unable to obtain answers from your organization's support personnel, contact the IET's Technical Support Team (ITST) or you can get support online at


IET's warranty is for 12 months and extended to the end user customer and warrants that IET's solutions & products are free from defects in workmanship and materials and will perform substantially in accordance with the product documentation shipped with the products.

This warranty agreement covers IET Preventive Maintenance terms provide periodic visits to site by an IET support engineer to check the operating condition of the IET's product/s and report with recommendations, if any, to the customer. This warranty agreement covers 12 visits of support engineer for warranty period. IET Preventive Maintenance Agreements do not cover labor and materials other than materials & equipment supplied by IET.

The standard hours of site visits are 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, although this can be adjusted, at extra cost, again to suit customer requirements.


All IET solutions & products carry a basic warranty, applicable from that day product is purchased, which covers free advice & suggestion during our periodic visits (covered under this warranty) without any extra budget.


IET's full-coverage service agreement provides support coverage after the warranty has expired. The agreements cover parts, labor, and wherever applicable, preventive support/maintenance or product replacement. Maintenance hours and extra-hours options are the same as those for our warranties.

Equipment that is not already covered by a warranty or Support/Maintenance agreement must be inspected and brought up to specification to qualify for a Support/Maintenance agreement.


IET offers maintenance agreements designed to satisfy a wide range of service and support needs. These agreements are carefully balanced to provide you with arrangements that support your system usage requirements and budget needs.

Maintenance Agreements which are available to provide an increased Level of Service to your Base Warranty include the following:

  • • Provide Warranty upgrade from Return to IET to On-Site coverage
  • • Increase the number of years coverage
  • • Provide alternatives for number of days per week, hours per day, and response time coverage
  • • Provide On-Site Installation Services
  • • To obtain more detailed information with respect to these Maintenance Agreements, please contact the


This agreement covers training of your team to provide first-level support. They'll learn all about preventive maintenance and minor repair, so they can keep your equipment up and running on a routine basis. IET will provide online & telephone technical support, parts, and on-site support for situations where your team needs assistance.


If you need additional coverage hours, you can purchase extra hours for your warranty. This can extend your hours of on-site service up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week (this coverage is subject to the availability of local resources).


With IET's extended warranty, your new equipment is covered for up to four additional years. So you can access the same top-notch technical support and service whenever you need it. Even if you resell your equipment, it's still covered! If your equipment is resold, your extended warranty can be transferred directly to another end-user customer. Just remember, to take advantage of extended warranties, you must order them when you purchase your new equipment. And of course, the extra-hours option is also available for extended warranties.

IET professional services help address the need for staff training and integrating solutions into your current systems in the evolving, often complex, world of hi-tech solutions and value added products and thorough understanding of the strong hi-tech environment, based on years of experience.


One of the IET's lines of Business is Value Addition. The Value Addition in the form of hardware, software, middleware or firmware remains the Intellectual Property of IET. Where applicable these laws are applied and enforced. The development of software, hardware, middleware and firmware shall remain the Copyright of IET. No portion of these items be copied and transferred by any media. An unauthorized copy of the design or product is subject to the Copyright laws.